Istanbul April 2020

This is a time that we can use, collectively, as a moment of reflection to question the structures reinforcing oppression, injustice and inequality.   This is a time that we can use as the opportunity to create new ones based on solidarity and mutual respect.   The UNO invites you to 7 Self-As-Other-Trainings, spread during

the United Negotiations of Otherness

the United Negotiations of Otherness explore, if performativity – depict as political process as well as artistic practice of role-play and embodied experience – can envisage a culture that appreciates both similarities and differences?


Rather than representing the underlying politics and the subjects of discrimination in a known mediatic format, Self-As-Other-Trainings address the necessity of educating our own bodies through the active embodiment of the ‘other’ in choreographed storylines, in order to evoke critical self-reflection and eventually provoke behavioural change.